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Apollinaire Theatre Company • Chelsea Theatre Works, 189 Winnisimmet Street, Chelsea, MA 02150 • 617-887-2336 • atc@apollinairetheatre.com

by Amelia Bullmore
April 15-May 16, 2010

Starring: Ted Batch, James Bocock, Becca A. Lewis,
Alison Meirowitz, Lorna Nogueira, Maria Schaedler-Luera

Directed by Danielle Fauteux Jacques
Assistant Director: Paul S. Benford-Bruce
Stage Manager: Freya Grunden
ASM: Michael Franco
Costume Design: Paul S. Benford-Bruce
Set Design: Jarrod Bray
Sound Design: Kevin B. Schofield
Asst. Sound Design: Gillian Clarke-Moon
Box Office/House: Carol Bortman, Eli Bortman, Ida Rudolph

"The Apollinaire Theatre Company in Chelsea has a reputation for finding smart, contemporary plays and MAMMALS hits its mark, thanks to director Danielle Fauteux Jacques’ edgy approach to the material. This hip cautionary tale transcends a soap opera plot to become a searing portrait of stressed out British thirtysomethings “at the mercy of [their] hormones.” Jacques gets spot on performances from Becca A. Lewis and James Bocock as unfulfilled parents of two precocious little girls (Lorna Nogueira and Alison Meirowitz). Ted Batch and Maria Schaedler-Luera create sparks as the couple’s sparring friends. Playwright Amelia Bullmore couldn’t have a better production, even across the pond."
-Beverly Creasey, TheatreMirror


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