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Apollinaire Theatre Company • Chelsea Theatre Works, 189 Winnisimmet Street, Chelsea, MA 02150 • 617-887-2336 • atc@apollinairetheatre.com

East of Berlin
by Hannah Moscovitch
April 15-30, 2011

Starring: Harry Hobbs, Alison Meirowitz, Evan Sanderson

Directed by Danielle Fauteux Jacques
Stage Manager: Becky Fleckner
Production Stage Manager: James Coleman Wilkinson
Sound Design: Aaron Mack
Costume & Props Design: Paul S. Benford-Bruce
Sets & Lights: Becky Fleckner, Rob Lemire, Danielle Jacques,
Ry Barker, Travis Joyce, Vincent Ularich, James Wilkinson
Set Painting: Kelly Baker, Becky Fleckner, Emily Kirsch,
Travis Joyce, Steven Macdonald, Vincent Ularich,
James Wilkinson, Meghan Zaremba
Costume Assistant: Freya Grunden
House Managers: Carol Bortman, Eli Bortman, Ida Rudolph

"simply and beautifully Great...Go See it!"
-Goldstar Review

"Discovery can make going to the theater exhilarating: You can experience a play which covers familiar territory but doesn’t seem at all familiar. EAST OF BERLIN is one of those remarkable scripts, unearthed by the Apollinaire Theatre Company, presented as part of their international FOREIGN FEST...Danielle Fauteux Jacques (who directs both the company and EAST OF BERLIN) paces the play flawlessly. We have no idea what’s coming our way I give high praise to a script when I can’t guess the ending) until the playwright wants us to realize what’s driving the action. Evan Sanderson’s exquisite performance as the son is a harrowing depiction of sheer terror wrapped in an exterior of forced charm and affability. Harry Hobbs, as his childhood friend, brilliantly conveys hurt and betrayal and Alison Meirowitz is the lovely Jewish student who could be this tortured man’s salvation"
-Boston Arts Review

Foreign Fest 2011
4 mind-bending international plays tackle the question:
What Defines Who We Are?

by Hannah Moscovitch (our parents)
by Toshiki Okada (our job)
by Marius von Mayenburg (our looks)
by Roland Schimmelpfennig (our fantasies)


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