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Apollinaire Theatre Company • Chelsea Theatre Works, 189 Winnisimmet Street, Chelsea, MA 02150 • 617-887-2336 • atc@apollinairetheatre.com

by Sheila Callaghan
November 2-December 2, 2007

The actors of Apollinaire have proved themselves well worth seeing.
-Sandy MacDonald, Boston Globe

The city is dead. Long live the city!
-Jenna Scherer, Weekly Dig

While bringing her jazz singer hubby his mail one morning, Samantha Blossom notices an envelope addressed to him from his lover. This spins her out into her day raw and entirely untethered... until she begins following Jewel, a punk-rock genius poet girl half her age, culminating in a frenzied chaos in a sex club located in the meat-packing district of New York City.

New York-based playwright Sheila Callaghan's loose adaptation, or 'riff,' on Joyce's Ulysses, takes place on June 16, 2004, 100 years to the day after Joyce's jaunt through Dublin. In this comic drama, Samantha has husband problems, empty-nest syndrome (her Barbie-doll daughter is off at Vassar) and a hidden torment. This last is a lost son who would be 22 but died shortly after birth. Jewel is also stalked by regret, and is pursing her own obsession, Patti Smith, whose song, Dead City, inspired the play's title.

Starring: Shelley Brown, Rick Carpenter, Danielle L. DiDio, Becca A. Lewis, Drew Linehan, Gabriel Munitz-Alessio, Nikki O’Carroll, Timothy Portnoy, Phil Thompson

Directed by Danielle Fauteux Jacques
SM: Alain Groene
Sound: David Reiffel
Video: Atissa Banuazizi
Costumes: Caitlin Dixon
Technical Director: Mark DiGiovanni
Sets: Emily Getchell, Peter Hubbard
HM: Richard Richards, Ida Rudolph



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